Friday, 11 November 2011


Sometimes it's just a matter of plodding on and accumulating distance towards the next place.

It's been a grey, hazy sort of day, and I thought my planned route around Mount Erciyes would be a complete waste of time, as I would have seen nowt but cloud and murk, so I skipped that bit. I did have a quick tour of Göreme National Park and had my photo taken by some tourists queuing at the entrance. I would have waved and posed for them, but the steep, cobbled descent was taking all my attention.

I had my first puncture of the trip, and naturally enough while I was fixing it the rain was at its heaviest. Not that it was ever especially heavy, and it came with a lovely south westerly breeze which was behind me all day. When I rode past Kayseri I looked south towards Mount Erciyes and I was pleased that I hadn't gone that way, as the southern horizon was smothered by dark clouds and rain. I nipped into the outskirts of the city to get a few provisions, then back out onto the bypass; Kayseri was bigger than I'd realised, and I did not want to ride through city traffic if I could avoid it. The bypass was smooth and quiet, and it took me three hours to circumnavigate Kayseri.

It wasn't a day where I ever felt inspired, but not every day can be as good as the last few have been. It wasn't a tough day, it was just another day on the road.

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