Friday, 20 January 2012

Where I Am and Where I'm Going 20/01/2011

5200 miles ridden so far.

The route: Darlo-Northallerton-York-Beverley-Hull-ferry-Zeebrugge-Brugges-Antwerp-Maastricht-Verviers-Stadtkyll-Cochem-Rheintal-Bingen-Mainz-Frankfurt-Mains-Tauber-Rothenburg-Altmuhl-Eichstatt-Landshut-Vilshofen-Donau-Passau-Linz-Krems-Vienna-Bratislava-Mosonmagyorovar-Gyor-Komorom-Tatabanya-Budapest-Dunaujvaros-Baja-Backi Breg-Sombor-Novi Sad-Strazilova-Belgrade-Pancevo-Smederovo-Pozerevac-Petrovac-Bor-Pirot-Dimitrovgrad-Sofia-Plovdiv-Edirne-Istanbul-Beykoz-Kayagze-Sile-Karacaköy-Kaynarca-Adapazari-Bolu-Ankara-Cappadocia-Kayseri-Sivas-Zara-Erzincan-Erzurum-Horason-Agri-Dogubayezit-Çaldiran-Van-Ozalp-Khom-Tabriz-Bostan-Abad-Zanjan-Esfehan-Yazd-Shiraz-Firuz Abad-Bandar Abbas-Sharjah-Dubai

This is my last day in Dubai - it's been an enjoyable couple of weeks and Les and family have been wonderful, But, I'm ready to move on, and since there is no feasible alternative, tomrorrow I'm on a flight to India, Delhi in fact.

Sadly, the dhow boats were unwilling to take me to India - I expect you have to be both determined and lucky to get a passage to India on one of those things. I soon got the message that they weren't interested in taking passengers - I'd ask their destination, and when they said "India" and I expressed an interest in taking ship with them, they'd change their minds and say they were going to Somalia instead. I would probably have preferred a straightforward "Piss off", but I got the message,

This will break my longstanding record of not flying anywhere, and I must admit to being disappointed at that, and at having such a chunk of terrain over which I haven't cycled.

However. I have a plan to circumvent that. First, though, it's India, and my mate Jonathan is flying out to ride with me a bit, and my sister Anita will meet me in Delhi in March. I wont be rushing through India.

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